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Cori Haws submitted on

Wednesday 3rd April 2019


I was only just made aware of the breakdown on funding applications (

I have noticed that a substancial amount of funding is allocated to sports teams, especially for travel and coaching. These clubs tend to have significantly high membership fee's many citing this high fee to cover the cost of coaching and travel to events. This begs the question as to what sports clubs are actually doing with their money, how much are they actually contributing towards these costs, and additionally the fairness in allocations between Sports, Creative Industries and Performing Arts.

Some clubs recieving several thousands (One society recieved arround £6000 this year) in funding over numerous applications when other societies are unable to secure £100 of funding.

Can the union provide information additional information regarding how the degree of self funding for each application (Given this is asked on the application is should be easy to provide) and can it also provide a full list of applications including those which were not funded so we can see what socities are asking for and how much they are getting.  Even better would be to be able to see the applications in their entiretry.

Additionally, can the data be broken down by society with a total for each society.

Many Thanks


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Steve Gore submitted on

Friday 5th April 2019


Hi Cori,

Thank you for your question.

SUSU is happy to conduct our grant process in as transparent a way as possible, which is why we have begun publishing information around where our grant budgets have been awarded and for what.

We acknowledge that there are questions surrounding the grant process and why a majority of our grants are awarded to sports clubs. Many of these points were raised in a Wessex Scene article published earlier this academic year which might help address your concerns. You can find the article here: I should also mention that there was a slight misinterpretation in this article about the overall picture of what we do for clubs and societies, since this omitted the £37,300 budgets that we allocate to Union groups such as Medsoc and media groups (these groups do not apply for grants using our normal process).

As mentioned in the article, our grants are awarded to clubs and societies on an individual basis and take into account many factors including the size and the objectives of a club/society, as well as the strength of the individual application.

It would be inappropriate to share sensitive financial information relating to our clubs and societies without their permission so we can't divulge the full details of individual applications. In addition to this, the decisions are made by students elected onto zone committees and they take into account many factors which would not be reflected fairly if grant applications were available publicly and without context. I would recommend asking any clubs and societies individually if you would like them to share further information with you.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports and Acting President.