Stop compulsory Dissertation printing

Alistair Dommett submitted on

Tuesday 21st May 2019


Some students must print and bind their dissertation/thesis, as it is 'tradition', but also submit it online, where it is marked. Therefore, students needlessly print off two physical copies of their dissertation/thesis. 

With Climate Change such a pressing issue, and Donald Trump refusing to acknowledge it's existence, everyone mustdo their bit to preserve this beautiful planet. The least the University could do - especially because universities are expected to be run by intelligent people - is remove a 'tradition' made pointless by online submissions. Maybe, if the University does its bit, then perhaps other universities will follow.


Here, you can view the complete set of official responses from the sabbatical officers regarding this submission.

Students' Union replied on

Monday 16th Mar 2020 4:50pm

Hi there,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I can announce that this was due to happen for this year, but due to the current climate with COVID-19 and UCU Strikes, this has not been a priority for the university. However, they have agreed to bring this in for 2020-21 final years with the exception of where something must be handed in physically e.g. art portfolio.

Hope this has helped.

Kind regards,

Jo Lisney, VP Education&Democracy 2019-20, (

Students' Union replied on

Thursday 20th Jun 2019 9:51am

Hello again,

I am still working on getting an answer for you at the moment, but this is taking longer than I anticipated. Since my Sabbatical term is coming to an end within the next week or so I can confirm that this You Make Change submission will be passing to Jo Lisney (incoming SUSU VP Education & Democracy) who will be progressing it from here onwards.

Thanks for the submission and apologies again that you are still awaiting a response.

Best wishes,

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19,

Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 28th May 2019 3:19pm

Hello Alistair! 

Thanks for making this You Make Change. We have discussed this between the two of us already, but for the sake of transparency I'll provide a brief summary below. 

Following the original survey I've been in contact with the University's Vice-President (Education) as well as all of the Associate Deans (Education) for each Faculty. What has become apparent is that the current offer is fairly disparate - some areas of the University do full end-to-end online and submission of dissertations online, while others still require paper copies for both submission and marking. A piece of work therefore needs to be done to see if it is feasible to do full online submission and marking across the board here at Southampton, and this is something which I am working to get started over my remaining time as a Sabbatical Officer. This project is unlikely to be a quick one, but I will raise it to the attention of Jo (VP Education & Democracy-elect) so that she is aware of it as a potential project to pick up over her sabbatical term. 

I'll keep this submission updated as things progress. For now, don't forget that this You Make Change is available to be voted upon, so please share it around! 

Any questions, please let me know. 

All the best,

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19,


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy

    Tuesday 28th May 2019 1:46pm


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