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Why have the bridge started charging £4 for Iced coffee?

Over the last few days the bridge have been considerably inconsistent with their iced coffee menu. For some reason it seems as though half of the staff refuse to make them; instead offering iced frappes which are neither dairy free, high in caffeine (I was told 1% caffeine), or low in sugar (again, was told c.50g of sugar per). However, another chunk of the staff have started saying that their manager has, for an unknown reason, increased the price of iced lattes to £4; despite having “the cheapest coffee on campus”. Surely the point where all the staff are against this price increase is the point you should reassess?

If, as some staff members have said, iced lattes cost this much, then that’s fine. However that’s just stupid. If a large coffee is 12oZ then, using Sainsbury’s whole milk prices of £1.50 for 6 pints, this should only be pennies. Doing this also for alpro soya milk at Sainsbury’s (£1.50 for 1L), I fail to see how the bridge can justify £4 for an iced coffee. 

Surely, if this as a major change which has been bought up with all the Sabbs, then there must have been some scrutiny? How is this price justified?

Submitted on Thursday 23rd May 2019

Hi there,


Thank you for your You Make Change submission.


I can absolutely understand your frustration. This change wasn't brought up with the Sabbatical Officers. Indeed none of them price changes of singular items, or day to day operational decisions of our outlets are run passed us and are instea dmade by the relevant manager, in this case the Bars Manager.


I have raised your query with them to find a response.


I will endeavour to come back to you with an update as soon as I have one.


Kind regards,


Emily Harrison


Vice President Student Communities, 2018-19

Friday 21st Jun 2019 2:10pm