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Saturday 25th May 2019


Can something be done about noise levels in the library, it’s regularly excessively loud (both students and the cleaners and staff making massive amounts of noise) and I feel like people forget that’s its a library and not a place to go for a chat! Can signage be put up or can staff police this better especially during exam times as it’s impossible to work. Even in the designated specific quiet study rooms people are constantly chatting and making noise and the staircases are especially bad for people shouting and distracting others. 


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 16th Aug 2019 1:10pm


I have now recieved a response from the library. Please see as below:


Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry that you were experiencing thse problems.  We are taking a number of steps to ensure that the environment is conducive to study to suit all different learning needs:-

  • communication channels to alert staff to problems so that they can fix it eg. text help service, chat service, email and face to face at the help desk and floor walkers
  • Floor walking staff who walk around the building on a regular basis wearing green t shirts
  • we are producing clear signange for staff and students where is silent, quiet and noisy areas
  • Looking at the layout of floors to stop noisy group work behaviours
  • Discussion with staff working in the building to be mindful of silent and quiet areas


It is important that students are proactive and inform library staff of any issues or problems with their study environment.'

Kind regards,

Jo Lisney (SUSU VP Education & Democracy 2019-20,

Students' Union replied on

Friday 12th Jul 2019 4:39pm


As Sam has previously mentioned, I am his predcessor and have picked up where he left off. I have emailed the library to chase this up and just waiting for a response,


Best wishes,

Jo Lisney (VP Education and Democracy 2019-20,

Students' Union replied on

Thursday 20th Jun 2019 9:51am

Hello again,

I am still working on getting an answer for you at the moment, but this is taking longer than I anticipated. Since my Sabbatical term is coming to an end within the next week or so I can confirm that this You Make Change submission will be passing to Jo Lisney (incoming SUSU VP Education & Democracy) who will be progressing it from here onwards.

Thanks for the submission and apologies again that you are still awaiting a response.

Best wishes,

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19,

Students' Union replied on

Monday 3rd Jun 2019 2:27pm


Thanks for getting in touch. I can appreciate how frustrating noise must be when attempting to revise, and will pass on your comments to the Library to see what their current actions to minimise distruption are. Conversations with the team at the Library are also continuing around the current designation of different floors - hopefully there will be some news about this to follow in the not-too-distant future. 

It is also worth mentioning that any noise complaints can be sent to the TextTheHelpdesk service which was recently launched to cover Hartley Library - more details can be found at 

Don't forget that your You Make Change submission is now live on the SUSU website for commenting and voting, so please share it around to get as much input as possible. If you have any questions in the meantime please let me know. 

All the best,

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19,



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    Friday 31st May 2019 1:02pm


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