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Continue to pressure the soton tab/make an official complaint to the university about its conduct

Two weeks after the publishing of the completely insensitive, clickbaiting article about the passing of one of our fellow students the article still remains live on the soton tab's website and through Google with no apology from the tab.


With all due respect, today is the day we would have celebrated his birthday and I believe it of ultimate disrespect to still have this article up. Is there no recourse or campaign the Union can take to hasten the removal of this hurtful article?

Submitted on Tuesday 28th May 2019


Thank you for your query. Following on from communication with the assistant editor of the Tab HQ, they have refused to edit or remove the article. This is a disappointing response. The Union has already taken steps to ensure the Tab is not welcome at any of our Freshers events andb that the Union does not engage with them in future. Unfortunately there is little recourse left to the Union, as the Tab is in no way affiliated to us or the University, beyond asking students to make complaints directly. The editor's email is If any student would like to talk to the Union directly about this, please contact

Tuesday 25th Jun 2019 5:26pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Friday 31st May 2019 1:09pm


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