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Community Fridge

Having a community fridge, where anyone can donate unwanted and unopened food for others to have. This can reduce food waste and help food students who are low on money. For more information: 

Submitted on Thursday 30th May 2019


Hi there, 


Thank you for your submission. I love this idea and this is something we are actually looking into facilitating at SUSU as part of our food waste reduction activities! We are looking to trial a community fridge in SUSU Reception from September so look out for this :) Also, we are widening our food collection vouchers to a capped number of any students (not just those in hardship) so students can collect any leftover food from University or SUSU outlets. Emily Harrison, incoming president, is taking over this project from the beginning of July.


Best wishes,


Isabella Camilleri

VP Welfare


Wednesday 26th Jun 2019 10:14am


  • Forwarded to Sustainability
    Friday 31st May 2019 1:12pm


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