What happened to the Tofurky sandwiches in the SUSU shop?

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 3rd June 2019


These were by far the best vegan sandwiches (both in taste and definitely in price) on offer and they just disappeared around the Easter period? I don't want to pay over £2 for a couple of vegetables or houmous in bread. Can these sandwiches be brought back?


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Fiona Sunderland submitted on

Friday 13th September 2019


Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in response. As we are having an overhaul of our catering services, the production kitchen is actually beng stopped and we won't be producing sandwiches for the shop in house. However there attention will now be focused on The Plant Pot, whichwill feature all vegetarinand vegan food! I have also been assured by the shop manager that there is soon to be a whole quorn range coming in. We hope that there will now be a lot more vegetarian and vegan option around SUSU.

Hope this helps!


Fiona Sunderland, VP Activities (on behalf of Emily Harrison president@soton.ac.uk)