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Recycling bins

there have been two suggestions for putting recycling bins next to the regular bins on campus with no response to either of them? 

can someone from sustainability get on top of this. 

Submitted on Wednesday 19th June 2019


Hi there,

Thank you for your You Make Change submission. 

Apologies for the delay, I'm working through a backlog of Sustainability submissions inheritated from the previous VP Welfare.

I have raised this and the other You Make Changes about thesame topic with University Estates and Facilities.

Just to make you aware, you can report any facilities related issues to the University E&F team directly (Link here: This is probably easier as you will get a more immediate response and helps to keep a track of reoccuring issues so they can allocate resources and identify problems better.

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

Union President, 2019/20

Friday 25th Oct 2019 2:59pm


  • Forwarded to Sustainability
    Friday 21st Jun 2019 1:18pm


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