not change the opening hours of the union during holiday times

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 24th June 2019


To follow the previous requests regarding the squash courts and climbing wall, please can the union change their decision to change the opening times. Several people have had their squash bookings cancelled at the last minute due to the union closing at 19:30 and not 20:00. Its bad enough that they are closed at the weekends but now offering a reduced service, this is unacceptable. This is a slippery slope to even more reductions in what is offered to research students and staff. We pay for a years memebrship and we expect a years worth of services. 


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 16th Apr 2021 10:07am


Students' Union replied on

Friday 16th Apr 2021 10:07am


Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 4th Dec 2019 4:39pm

Thanks for putting in a You Make Change and your patience waiting for a reply. 

I understand your frustration around summer opening hours with regards to Sport and Wellbeing facilities.

Unfortunately any facilities within SUSU are subject to their opening hours, including those run by Sport & Wellbeing. As there are less students on campus it isn’t financial viable for SUSU to keep its buildings and facilities open over the summer during its regular term time hours. I have approached S&W about costs and this is taken into account of membership price.

SUSU are exploring opening SUSU spaces for longer over the summer. Recently we have been trialing keeping the SUSU café open longer during the summer but there has been very low uptake on this and it has not been sustainable for SUSU to continue.

I did explore over the summer if there was any possibility of us keeping level one, with the climbing wall and squash courts, open longer after the rest of the building was shut. However, for safety reasons this is not possible as the site is supervised by SUSU staff not Sport & Wellbeing. 

I'm now trying to work on this further. I am currently in conversations with Sport and Wellbeing, and the SUSU facilities to see if B42 Level One can be opened and maintained by them independently to the rest of SUSU and regardless of the main bulk of SUSU being open. This involves working with university facilities, Health and Safety, SUSU Operations team and Sport and Wellbeing. It has so far involved looking at access and is currently sat with exploring staffing options and safety concerns.

I will continue to push for a better option as I can see the current arrangement isn't satisfactory.  I will keep you in the loop if I have any more news.

If you would like to discuss this further please email




  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports

    Friday 12th Jul 2019 1:09pm


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