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Have a SUSU team to inspect the quality of halls

We pay a lot for our accommodation and it’s not fair that discrepancies exist betweem the different halls. Montefiore B is particularly bad and not sure why students are allowed to live in such a depressing place. 

Submitted on Monday 19th August 2019


Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to put in a You Make Change submission.

I forwarded your query to the University Residences team and recieved the below response:

'We involve SUSU in our refurbishment projects and also invite students to input into our designs for refurbishment as well.  We also keep SUSU regularly updated on on-going developments within halls where we are investing in our buildings.

Montefiore B is due for re-furbishment and has only been used in the last 6 months for short lets as we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to offer. In particular it has been used in September and October for short term contract extensions for students due to have left in September who wanted a few extra weeks in halls, or to come in from external accommodation for a few weeks before leaving the University. This is often an option we are unable to offer due to no availability and the students within this accommodation were made aware that this was a building about to close for refurbishment in advance and offered the accommodation at a substantially cheaper rate.  The building will close to occupation on Monday 4 November 2019. As part of our joint working on student feedback we are happy to organise a walk round of the halls estate with representatives from the SUSU.  We have a range of prices for our accommodation to suit a range of budgets and the standard of accommodation is reflected within the pricing categories that we have.  The pricing of our halls is something that we consult with the SUSU on, on a yearly basis. '

Also, just to let you know, at SUSU we run a Rate Your Crib survey at the end of every year to get feedback from students about their living experiences and we work with the Residences team to make improvements based on this feedback.

If you have any questions or want to discuss this further, please get in touch with my via

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

SUSU President, 2019/20

Tuesday 29th Oct 2019 11:19am


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    Thursday 10th Oct 2019 9:30am


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