Monthly SportRec memberships

Joseph Spencer submitted on

Sunday 22nd November 2015



Before I ask this question to the wider SUSU community I feel asking the sports rep directly would be far more productive initially.

Whilst I enjoy the sports facilities at Southampton, and used to renew my sport rec every year, now I'm in the final months of my PhD i find it a waste of my limited money to pay for a year, or even 6 months for sport rec when my mood to exercise changes (i can't be the only one who has good intentions of going to the gym then bailing on this :P)

Although I find my self asking, why do I have to pay for the whole year (and in special cases 6months) in advance when it's surely more financially viable for a student to pay monthly. Here's my thought process, if it's a money issue and the uni wants all the money in advance I would like to know why, when in my mind they would actually make more money providing monntly memberships. I think they would because surely there's a lot of people in the final few months of a PhD, or on a semester abroad, or doing a summer project or whatever that would take advantage of this, and you'll only need for 12 people in the whole University to say 'hey i'll give this gym thing ago for a month' to offset the yearly cost of one avid sport rec user.

I feel like the Uni would make more money, and not put off potential clients, when shouldn't we be encouraging people to be active anyway.

Hope you can help and explain why the current status quo is as such, or if there are any gaping holes in my logic and then I shall proceed to make a policy change thing to Union council 


Joe Spencer


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Ed Baird submitted on

Wednesday 13th January 2016


There is currently a membership review in place and I have already raised these issues with Sport and Wellbeing.  I will be pushing for a better way of paying membership and will ensure that this is brought up again in the next conversation that I have with them.

Question for: Vice President Sports