Request that professors/lecturers provide adequate trigger warnings for teaching content.

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 17th April 2021


Within many subjects it is expected that certain content will inevitably include triggering themes. Whilst students can mentally prepare themselves to encounter triggering content in a general sense by understanding the topic they signed up to study, they are not able to discern when in a module the triggering content may appear. For instance, the lecturer may include a general disclaimer in the module handbook stating that themes of sexual assault, suicide and rape may come up during the module, but they do not indiciate specifically within what set reading/video/source material this will happen. A student might then unknowlingly watch an incredibly violent/graphic scene from a film or documentary, which they otherwise may have chosen to avoid. 

To be clear, this is not a request for all content to come with trigger warnings, nor is it a naive attempt to establish 'safe spaces' and 'bubbles of protection,' this is merely about ensuring students with past traumatic experiences are not caught off-guard. 


Here, you can view the complete set of official responses from the sabbatical officers regarding this submission.

Students' Union replied on

Friday 28th May 2021 1:14pm

Hi there,

I reached out to the University's Centre for Higher Education Practice who recommended I take this to the University's Education Committee. Following this, I attended the Education Committee where I recommended all teaching staff include a content warning for the benefit of students who may have past traumatic experiences. Additionally, I included a content warning template that may be used by lecturers in teaching materials.

Please let me know if you have any further thoughts on this.

Kind regards,


Students' Union replied on

Thursday 29th Apr 2021 2:39pm

Hi there,

Thank you for your submission.

I completely understand the need for trigger warnings alongside lectures. I have now reached out to the University to understand if this is possible.

Kind regards,



  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community

    Friday 23rd Apr 2021 10:04am


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