Glen Eyre Facilities

Anonymous submitted on

Sunday 16th May 2021


Why are the Glen Eyre facilities such as the pub and gym not reopening along with the rest of the country even though we are still paying for use of these facilites?


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Sam Tweedle submitted on

Friday 4th June 2021


Thank you for getting in touch.

Unfortunately the situation with the bar at Glen is that it is normally shut apart from special events anyway as not enough people use it to justify it being open. However, Stags and Below Deck on Highfield Campus are open every day and is only a free two minute bus journey if you don't fancy the hill.

In addition, the gym is never normally included in your halls fees, but instead in your sport and wellbeing membership. Where the gyms at halls operate unstaffed, they haven't been able to open them as it proved too dificult to keep up with the cleaning and the ventilation in some of them can be quite poor which would limit concurrent users to a very low number. They have reduced their prices to reflect the fact they haven't been able to open these for the year

Question for: Halls Officer