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Aleksander Pilski submitted on

Monday 13th September 2021


I have been traveling from Winchester to Campus and back for last couple of years. There is nothing what can be done about traffic, obviously, but few things could be improved for those who are waiting at Heighfield Campus for returning bus to Winchester. As it is impossible to predict when the bus will arive one has to wait (it was up to an hour on ocasions) at the side, often facing the elements, especially during the winter. I see two things which could be done. (1)The probably easy one would be to register users on the app and send the massage that the bus is about to arrive. This would let students to wait in library or caffe, and spend this wasted time on studying for example. Maybe even better version would just show on the google map were the bus is in real time. (2) The more expensive, but nicer solution would be constracting small caffe/waiting room at the side, probably small extention to the building 6. Hopefully something can be done as this long waiting time in cold is obvious risk to students well being, as well as the waste of time in general. Thank you.


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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 14th Oct 2021 10:05pm

Hello - a final update from me, after which I will close this YMC because I hope your concern has been resolved! University colleagues inform me that live trackers are now reliably available through the WSA Shuttle Bus app (Apple and Android), and that improvements will continue to be made daily. Thanks so much for the submission and for alerting us to this problem, and I hope I have managed to solve your problem, and that you will not have to wait for the bus without knowing when it will arrive anymore.

- Ben. 

Students' Union replied on

Friday 8th Oct 2021 11:35am

Hello! I'm sorry for the delayed response, but the University is having some trouble obtaining a response to this query from the company which provides the Shuttle Bus service. Whilst we are still waiting for a response, it has been confirmed that the timetable has shifted to once every forty-five minutes, as opposed to half-hourly, meaning delays should be minimised. You can also download the University's 'WSA Shuttle Bus' live tracker app through the Apple and Android app stores. 

I hope this helps somewhat! 

- Ben

Students' Union replied on

Friday 24th Sep 2021 3:24pm

Good afternoon. I'm getting in touch to provide a brief update on my progress relating to this You Make Change. I have spoken to one of SUSU's Activities Coordinators, who has informed me that, in the past year, the bus has changed its timetable so that it is now scheduled for every 45 minutes as opposed to 30, which I assume will alleviated some of the problems of unreliability described among your concerns. I have also reached out to the University's Associate Director of Faculty Operations to discuss ways in which we can collaboratively ensure that the Shuttle Bus is serving our students in the most effective way possible. I'll be in touch with further updates soon. 

- Ben.

Students' Union replied on

Friday 24th Sep 2021 9:17am

Good morning! Thank you so much for your suggestion; I think you raise an excellent point about the need to improve communications with students who are waiting for the shuttle bus to ensure they're not hanging about for an hour or getting cold during winter. I'm currently raising this with members of staff in the University, and I'll aim to get back to you with a firmer answer next week.

- Ben.


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    Friday 24th Sep 2021 9:09am


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