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Bring back discount cards for all student reps

Previously there have been 10% discount cards for all student reps

Submitted on Wednesday 1st December 2021


Dear Harold, 

I am now looking at the possibility of having loyalty cards for our volunteers with more details to be released going into next year. I will therefore close this You Make Change and welcome and conversations you would like to have, but just note that this will be taken forward in to the new term with prospects to have it ready for September. 

Best wishes, 

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities.

Friday 27th May 2022 10:26am

Dear Harold, 

After many months of meetings and discussions, this idea unfortunately is unlikely happen in my term but will ensure that this is handed over to the next VP Activities whilst still chasing for updates. We currently do not have the technology to do such a thing at the moment and with staffing issues this has also been pushed back further. 

As a result, I am happy to keep this submission open, but as little progress will be made I wanted to ask you if I may close this but also invite you to talk about this to me if this is continuing to be an issue.

Look forward to hearing from you, 

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities

Tuesday 5th Apr 2022 10:08am

Dear Harold,

Following a previous You Make Change submission I have been looking into this with project work continuing to happen, but with no action to take until January. Many thanks for your You Make Change, I will update you as and when the work has been completed.

Best wishes,

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities 

Friday 3rd Dec 2021 1:15pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Friday 3rd Dec 2021 9:14am


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