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Add guillotines (for paper) by printer

The printer copier station on the 2nd floor of the Hartley Library has a hole punch, this is great. It would be helpful to add a guillotine so that you could trim paper quickly and easily.

Submitted on Saturday 19th February 2022


Hello! I can confirm the guillotine has been added to level 2 so I will now close this submission. 

Friday 25th Feb 2022 10:16pm

Hi! Thanks for your submission. The Library has confirmed they will be adding a paper guillotine to level 2! I have asked David Wright, in the Library team, whether or not this has been added. 

Friday 25th Feb 2022 10:05am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Friday 25th Feb 2022 9:05am


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