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Stop unilink enforcing expensive, hidden U1N charges, even with a buspass, to allow safe/free alternatives to walking home alone at night after a night out

The U1N nightline bus charges students, regardless of whether theyve already paid for a very expensive buspass or not. Even more so, these tickets are more expensive than the day tickets despite being the exact same service, with no justification, enough money that there is serious consideration just walk home alone in the dark after a night out. These unexpected charges do also add up, so its not excatly encouraging girls to stay safe and not walk home alone, when the alternative that is supposed to be free is also being charged for. Especially in these circumstances are students vunerable, if theyve lost their wallet/been mugged or had a few drinks after a night out, and then charging for the U1N, arguably the bus where it being free is most important, is unjustified. It is particularly deceitful that these hidden charges are also not advertised anywhere- and when paying for a buspass that does not even last beyond June, one would naturally assume the U1N would be included. I would like to urge SUSU to approach Unilink and stop them from charging this ridiculous fee- especially when summer is approaching and many more students go on nights out. 

Submitted on Monday 6th June 2022



Thank you for your submission. 

I had started to explore whether the U1N service can be included in the halls bus passes. This, alongside the further consideration detailed above around its cost, will be handed over to the incoming VP Welfare and Community, Aycha. They will be able to pick this up and hopefully progress this further. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact

Kind regards,

Savanna- VP Welfare and Community

Thursday 23rd Jun 2022 11:30am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare and Community
    Thursday 9th Jun 2022 10:03am


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