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Restrooms with Press to Open water taps should be replaced with sensor based systems

Quite straightforwards and doable. I myself observed this issue for a time. Around the campus, press to open water taps waste an enormous amount of water each day and per use. Other than being unhygienic in a public setting, the taps themselves have great water pressure that is on average drains two to two and a half cups of clean water down the drain. Considering clean water will become an issue in the next decade, having the taps changed into sensor-based ones is only an action the university should take campus-wide and fast too. 

If this issue is not addressed in a timely manner, RESUS will take action in the first instance it is available to do so.

Submitted on Wednesday 8th June 2022


Hi Alp, 


Thank you for your submission and apologies for not getting to this sooner. We have been undergoing handover and induction of the new Sabbatical Team.


As this is a complex dilemma that would involve work across the university, I was wondering if you would like to meet to discuss this issue? If you could please reach out to we can seek to resolve this. I am going to close this submission for now so that we can deal with this via a meeting or email thread. 


Oliver Murray

Union President 2022-2023

Sunday 17th Jul 2022 9:16pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Thursday 9th Jun 2022 10:04am


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