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The mid-semester and end of year module surveys should be undertaken after examination period is over.

This is an untold issue persistent in many modules in the university. Module surveys are almost intentionally planned on a close date to the exams or simultaneous with the coursework given in the year. Which decreases the amount of feedback given regarding the module and the academic staff. Not only this is inefficient more so seems Machiavellian in terms of assessing the quality of the teaching provided to students.

For this reason:

- Module feedback forms must be sent out after the exam period is over.

- Module feedback should open for a longer period of time, a month or more.

- Module feedback still should remain fully anonymous.

Submitted on Wednesday 8th June 2022


Thank you for your submission. I will raise this next week with our SUSU Head of Representation so we can identify appropriate next steps. I'll also bring it up in the next Module Survey working group and share their feedback. 

Thursday 9th Jun 2022 11:29am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Thursday 9th Jun 2022 10:04am


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