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Staggs should host more live music events and open mics

Staggs already hosting karaoke and has some stuff in collaboration with Livesoc. However, it could benefit from having open mics and other similar events.

> The relevant team should research similar events in Southampton.

> Suitable ones should be chosen to be implemented as an event.

> Sound interfaces, amps, and mics should be renovated in Staggs. Current equipment has poor quality and is flat.

Submitted on Wednesday 8th June 2022


Many thanks for your You Make Change submission,

I have consulted with our Events Manager on this, and have been told that we are working on an events plan that sees a rotation of live music, comedy, general activity, and a Best Of idea. This is waiting to be approved, but hope it satisfies your idea to have more live music on campus. 

If you have any more ideas, or would like to have a meeting with myself and the Events Manager in the meantime feel free to contact me at

Best wishes, 

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities


Tuesday 14th Jun 2022 4:17pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Thursday 9th Jun 2022 10:05am


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