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Lobby The UKRI To Increase PGR stipends

Inflation is currently at record levels, with unions across the county going on strike to secure fair wages for their workers. The UKRI has published its increased stiped rates for 2022-2023 of £16 062, a measly 2.7% increase, and in reality a real terms pay cut for every UKRI funded PGR across the country. This conflicts with their website stating awards increases are "typically with inflation". SUSU should therefore:

~ Seek an explanation from UKRI as to how 2.7% is in line with inflation

~ Lobby the university to contact UKRI on students behalf

~ Cooperate with other student unions and the NUS to seek a fairer deal for PGRs across the country

Submitted on Thursday 9th June 2022


Hello. Thank you for your submission! SUSU have now signed the Open Letter on UKR PGR students' stipends, and we are in the process of designing a PGR-specific survey (in which financial issues are included). Depending on survey responses, we may then be able to take further action, such as lobbying the university for further funding, etc. 

Wednesday 29th Jun 2022 12:23pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Thursday 16th Jun 2022 9:33am


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