improve the categorisation of societies (and clubs) on the susu activity finder

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 13th May 2023


A lot of societies are hidden away in weird places.

There should be a new engineering subcategory. (EG for SUHPA, SUHPS, sues, RESUS, Spaceflight, robosoc, ecss, aisoc, suwes, wireless soc, etc)

Clubs should be able to appear under more than one subcategory-  eg Rifle Club and SUMC are both outdoor and indoor individual sports. Also, extreme sports is a badly defined category- why is succ (canoe, not cricket) in it??


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 23rd Jun 2023 2:38pm


Thanks for submitting a You Make Change. 

We would be happy to look at the categorizations and add more, but sometimes it becomes too niche, so we would have to sit down and do this in better depth as too many categories can become oevrwhelming for people to look through.

Clubs and socs can appear in more that one category and they decide this themselves by editing it on groups hub. So if Canoe Club consider themselves an extreme sport, they can categorise themselves as an extreme sport (they do have the highest incidents of head injuries, so could be why they consider themselves as extreme). We haven't had any request from societies as to adding new categories, so if that does happen we would consider it if it wasn't too niche. 

If you have further suggestions of categories we can include, please email me at


Zoe (VP Activities)


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities

    Friday 19th May 2023 9:33am


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