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prevent the proposed introduction of a fee for the Sports Pass.

The university should not seek to subsidise the cost of their extension to the Jubilee Sports Centre with current students who want to play sports.

The university has a duty of care to students- this includes promoting an active lifestyle and sports. The sports clubs provide positive press to the university and take the cost of running sessions away (with members running them themselves). The student population if deprived from this sport opportunity, would sink an already past capacity limited 'BE ACTIVE' programme. 

The sports members should not be asked to subsidise the university's estate maintenance (as this is already part of fees and adds value to the university's offering and estate). 

They should subsidise staffing- especially when also have general maintenance or administration or operation of the commercial gym pass.

Inflation is irrelevant- note how it is currently £0, if we apply an inflation rate of 50000%, it would still be £0. If it it to do with cost of living, making students more than double their sports costs would do the opposite of helping.

Submitted on Saturday 13th May 2023


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  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports
    Friday 19th May 2023 9:32am


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  • I agree - in fact I do not see why students should pay for any sports membership.  Could SU not at least offer free off peak membership to all students?  

    Submitted on Friday 2nd June 2023 20:09 by Sara Luder