Grad Ball Committee

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 28th April 2016


In the interest of transprency and accountability, who was on the GradBall committee, and how were they chosen? As far as can be seen, there is no information as to was on GradBall committee and therefore made these key decisions.


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Ed Baird submitted on

Tuesday 3rd May 2016


A policy was passed last year that this years Grad Ball would have a committee to plan it. We promoted the opportunity to be on the committee in blog posts (like this one:, on the website, on Twitter and Facebook, and the Wessex Scene wrote an article promoting the opportunity (found at The Grad Ball committee were selected by random application – people submitted their student ID and answered why they thought they should be on the committee. Then, a team of three people looked over the applications, and once we’d picked the best ones we looked up the students by ID and emailed them to say they’d been successful. Since then, we’ve met 4 times to discuss all features of Grad Ball.

The members, who range from those already involved with the Union to those whose first experience with SUSU is planning Grad Ball, are me (Ben), Tara Joyce, Cameron Meldrum, Rachel Greenhill, Carly Walsh, Madeleine Ryan, Natasha Beeby, Paige Bennett-Rice, Sally Rose Clarke, and Nadia Ferjani.