Status: Complete

'The Mark'

It is clear that Us. wants a clean and crips look, where the fun an finesse from the students can be seen in 'the mark'. Are there guidelines or templates for students and societies? For example would a non spherical love heart be too playful? Do societies need to create a new small circular icon? - I think this information should be told sooner rather than later so Societies can adapt the new look, and continue the move forward to Us..

Submitted on Tuesday 17th May 2016

All student clubs and societies can maintain their own branding, there is no requirement for them to change. However, some clubs and societies choose to add our logo to things to add some legitimacy or make clear that it is run in affiliation with the Union, and so a version of the new logo has been created that allows your brand to sit, unchanged, alongside ours. The circle is there for whatever you want it for, it can be left blank, coloured in, you can put in a photo or a logo – and no, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a circle, as long as it’s clear that it’s representing where the circle would usually go. If you need any help with it, you can get in touch with our in-house designers who will be able to help you, or can send you templates to help with design.

But in short, no, don’t worry – the new branding isn’t being forced on clubs and societies unless they’re using our branding on things too.

Ben Franklin
Union President

Tuesday 17th May 2016 11:53am