Status: Complete

Brand Referendum

Thank you for providing a way to petition for a referendum about the brand. Many students appreciate this.

However, in the meeting held at the Bridge when we asked if we could have a way to create an acceptable petition we asked that if a referendum was to be held it could have many options and not just "SUSU" vs "Us.". In answer to this, Ben said that yes, there will be an option for this.

Therefore, is there a way to change the petition to make the referendum questions more open? In other words if there is to be a referendum, could we please have an "Other" or "Something else" option?

Thank you :)

Submitted on Tuesday 24th May 2016

The referendum itself will be planned by the Democracy Zone Committee, who are meeting tomorrow at 12pm and will discuss dates and some details. Continued planning will take place once the main details are decided, and your comments will be used in making such decisions.

Wednesday 25th May 2016 12:28pm