Selling of food on the Redbrick

Kieran Reals submitted on

Monday 20th March 2017


Throughout the year several clubs and societies attempt to sell food and drink on the Redbrick; either as a great way to bring in funds for the society or to donate it to charity. These groups are faced with two problems - the need for a Health & Safety Level 2 Certificate and the fact that they are prevented from selling any sort of hot food on campus.

  1. For those students who have not been lucky enough to have worked in the catering industry prior to coming to university will the Union provide the facilities for them to undergo the necessary training to obtain their Health & Safety Level 2 Certificate? If not, will the Union drop the need for this requirement or provide a work around for such students?
  2. Will the Union please clarify its position on the selling of hot food on the redbrick? Previous excuses have been that it introduces competition to surrounding food outlets or the passing of the buck onto the University.
    • If it is the former then can the Union please explain how this attitude serves to unlock the potential and enrich the life of every student and isn't just another cash grab?
    • If it is the later then can the Union please outline when it will grow a spine and stand up to the University on matters of student life?


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Emily Harrison submitted on

Friday 28th April 2017


Hi Kieran,

I come bearing updates:

This was discussed at Ops and Services Advisory Forum on Tuesday 25th April. Below is a summary of what was discussed, but if you'd like more detail, the minutes on the website will give you a better idea of the discussion.

In terms of your first question, we are looking into the idea of providing our own Food Hygiene Training, so that is definitely something that could be possible in the future, however we would be unable to waive the requirement to have a Level 2 Health and Safety certificate as any hot food or drink comes under health and safety legislation. 

For your second question, hot food comes under an agreement between the University and the Union in which both parties have agreed to not sell hot food outside the other's outlet (ie. Piazza and the Stags). I appreicate this might not sound like a strong enough reason, but we have to work in conjunction with the University, who own the Redbrick. 

As ever, we are always open to looking at other forms of fundraising - the Rebrick is always a better space when students are using it to raise money for charity!

Please feel free to email me with any further questions or concerns at

Flora, Vice-President Student Communities and Deputy President