You are more than your studies? And your bank account?

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 24th May 2017


I'm not happy about the 'you are more than your studies... meet the hearing dogs' event this year. Previous times I have been, I have been able to attend with any donation I can afford. This event is supposed to be to relieve stress. What is stressful is being told you have to pay a £2 entrance fee. I had £1.80 and got turned away. I could not afford any more. It should be any donation like in previous years. Very upsetting as I was interested in finding more out about guide and hearing dogs and wanted to de-stress. If you are going to have to charge a specific entrance fee, I suggest you advertise this on the event page on Facebook beforehand to avoid disappointment.


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Samuel Dedman submitted on

Monday 5th June 2017



The £2 donation for the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf event was part of the arrangement with the charity to have them visit the campus. Whilst I can appreciate that you might not have wanted to spend the money, as a charity they rely on fundraising and donations, and have worked out that they really need to charge that amount in order to make the events worthwhile.

I do understand your frustration about the lack of advertising of the price, and have passed this feedback onto to the group who organises these events. In this case the final cost came through quite late, so we weren't able to be advertise it in time, but in the future we will ensure that we get the costs sorted earlier to make it clearer.

Thank you for your feedback,

Elliot Grater, VP Education.