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Grad ball or sad ball?

The quality of Grad Ball this year is appalling. Held at the union and with irrelevant people attending - it's worse than the Freshers Ball. This is supposed to be a real treat for people who have worked really hard for 3 (or more) years. People would be more than happy to pay more to have a really good ball with relevant acts, in a good location. You need to up your game for next year or you'll have a lot of unhappy students.

Submitted on Wednesday 24th May 2017

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the plan for the event. The Grad Ball Committee is made up of seven students, each of whom worked hard to formulate an event that celebrates your time here. Overall, the event was a huge success, with many attendees being very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the decor.

If you have any further feedback then please don't hesitate to email me:

Many thanks

Alex Hovden

Union President

Friday 16th Jun 2017 10:47am