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Postgraduates Graduates Free Tea and Cake Should NOT be Cancelled

The union should maintain the free tea and cake as its an opportunity for postgraduates to socialise and take a well deserved break from their work. I can't imagine it costs much money to the union and man power for the Bridge Cafe to run this event once a week. This is one of the few things the union puts on for the postgraduates and we will be very displeased if its taken away.

Submitted on Wednesday 7th June 2017


Hi Liam! Thanks for your message. 

Unfortunately, the cost of the weekly meet and mingle events if the main reason why we have had to cancel it. It was costing us approximately £12,000 a year to run, and was used by around 90 students a week on Highfield campus. The Postgraduate Committee believed that this money could be better spent to provide events for more than 2% of the postgraduate population of the University of Southampton, and a much more diverse range of events! 

We're planning loads of events for over the summer, so keep and eye out for those, and if you have any ideas we'd love to hear them - please email

Flora Noble - Vice-President Student Communities

Thursday 22nd Jun 2017 2:16pm


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    Friday 9th Jun 2017 1:20pm


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