Maintain Postgrad Coffee and Cake

Thomas Homewood submitted on

Wednesday 7th June 2017


Coffee and Cake on a Thursday morning is the only thing keeping Southampton Postgrads alive.
Toil and misery is immediately forgotten with a hard-earned coffee and humdrum doughnut each week.
You have already made huge cuts to the original cake collection (muffins, cherry bakewells, brownies) and now you choose to banish the only Postgrad get together?!
I assume this is due to cost cuts?
Please stop wasting students money on £30,000 farcical rebrands and put it towards something worthwhile and what many deem a success.
It's a coffee and a doughnut, we are not asking for much.


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Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 20th Jun 2017 11:09am

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your message. 

I understand your frustration at the cancellation of Cake and Coffee, and please be assured that it was not a decision that was taken lightly, However, as you note, we have already tried to cut the cost of the event to make it managable, but unfortunately there was no escaping the fact that the event cost £12,000 a year to run. Likewise, it was reaching approximately 90 postgraduate students a week, just on Highfield campus, and we really want to run events that have an impact for students at all campuses, not just Highfield. 

We've spent the last few weeks planning events up until Christmas, including BBQs, Power Teas (at all campuses, and other buildings on Highfield) and a Christmas ball. We're also looking at event where PGT students can have the opportunity to present their work to their peers. We'll also be running Meet and Mingle events at the beginning of each semester to welcome new postgraduate students. As ever, we are always open to suggestions for events - let us know the sorts of things that you and your friends would like to see!

Flora Noble, Vice-President Student Communities (on behalf of Postgraduate Committee). 


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    Friday 9th Jun 2017 1:19pm


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