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NME Brand Manager- Distribution


I have recently taken over as the NME brand manager for Southampton Univeristy (Applied through campus indisutries). Just wanted to make sure its ok to distribute on campus as this will naturally be my primary location due to the volume of people. We have full licensing through ABC licensing (Audit bureau of Circulations) and will always have proof of this when working on campus. I am unsure how the previous brand manager went about his/her work but thought it was best to liason with you at the Student Union. Any issues or problems with this please contact me at 07577246894 or email

Kind regards,

Joe Bryant (27958655)

Submitted on Friday 22nd September 2017

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your message. You'll need to get in contact with our sales team who can be reached via email at


Dan Varley - Vice-President Engagement

Friday 22nd Sep 2017 1:19pm