introduce widely available student parking at WSA

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 25th May 2018


Many of my classmates who travel from outside of Winchester pay for parking and/or park a distance away from the Winchester campus while there is a large and unused area nearer the back of the campus. For those who live at home or far away, having an area to park in closer to campus would eliviate much of the stress and cost of travelling to university on a day-to-day basis. Even if this became a low cost paid-for permit (available to those without disabilities) it would still achieve this.


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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 30th Aug 2018 5:05pm

Hi there,

Just as a bit of an update. This You Make Change submission was put for up/down voting however unfortunately there did not seem to be much student interest at this time.

Please don't hesistate to get in contact if you have any further issues!

All the best,

Emily Harrison, VP Student Communities 2018-19

Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 20th Jun 2018 12:35pm

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your submission. I think that that parking is for staff members, however you may be able to get permits from Reception. As an alternative, you are able to use the Shuttle Bus service, which runs hourly from Highfield campus, or Winchester has very good bus links. 

I will leave the YMC open to be up/down voted, so please push it so we can see whether this an issue that a lot of students want to see!



VP Student Communities



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    Friday 1st Jun 2018 1:11pm


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