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Make stags bigger

The pub is not big enough for the number of students who either use it, or would use it if it wasnt often packed. 

Submitted on Friday 1st June 2018


Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your You Make Change submission, however this is impossible to do.

To give you some context - the Students' Union does not own any building on any campus in its own right, they are being leased to us by the University. The University are currently in step 1 of a 'masterplan' to improve all campuses, by investment into infrastructure. Right now, there is no money for renovations, extensions, or major building work of any kind apart from what has already been planned years in advance, so there's nothing I can do with this, unfortunately. 

If the Stags' is too packed, you are always able to get a drink from the Bridge, as another option.



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Friday 8th Jun 2018 6:02pm


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    Friday 8th Jun 2018 1:09pm


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