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Bring back postgrad coffee mornings (10:30am Thursdays)

We used to have a Postgrad coffee morning and it's a huge loss as it was the only chance many of us had to be around other PhD students and a supportive environment etc.

Submitted on Friday 1st June 2018

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your You Make Change, however we are not going to bring back the PG Coffee Mornings as they were an incredibly inefficient drain on resources and affected a miniscule number of students.

What we have currently - a PG Committee that put a range of events on, both welfare and socially based, is a lot better in terms of efficacy, representation and student engagement. If you'd like to contact the PG Committee directly regarding a forum for you to be around other PhD students in a supportive environment, I would be fully behind that, but we will not be returning to the previous model any time soon.

If you have any further thoughts, feel free to contact me directly at

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VP Communities


Friday 8th Jun 2018 5:56pm