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Add Bubble Tea to the Bridge's Menu

Bubble Tea is an East Asian drink that is incredibly delicious and versatile, and can be suited to a large range of tastes. As there are only a few bubble tea options in Southampton, none of which are near campus, the union should use this opportunity to capitalise in the bubble tea market, especially as we have a large cohort of Asian students! I think it would be lovely to see the union try something new, and offer bubble tea for students. 

Submitted on Sunday 15th July 2018


Hi there,

I'm hugely excited to finally be able to say that we now have Bubble Tea on campus! Bubble Drop are now located on level 3 of Building 42 (Next to The Plant Pot- Our new vegan and vegetarian sustainable Cafe and Zero Waste Shop!) They offer traditional milk and green tea (hot and cold!)

Thank you for your suggestion and if you have any further ideas or feedback please get in touch and drop me an email to

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison, 

President, 2019-20

Thursday 26th Sep 2019 3:42pm

Hi there,

I come back to you with an update (Very belatedly). 

I apologise for the huge gap in my replies, there has been a long and winding journey with this You Make Change submission! I originally spoke with our Union Service Director, who is in charge of all of our catering outlets, and we agreed the need for further student consultation. I then put the idea as a poll out on my work facebook and it recieved around 250 responses, which were completely 50/50. We were also a little nervous as we have previously had Bubble Tea but had a lot of issues with the external company who was brought in which is the reason we then got rid of it and we could not find other viable companies to bring in. Our Union Services Director then left just before Christmas and the position remained unfilled and so Bubble Tea dropped off the agenda as it was believed not possible for us to do.

In January, I went with the rest of the Sabbatical team, on some visits to various Student Unions' and was interested to find that many of them had Bubble Tea. After discussions with several of their commercial directors, I ressurected the idea with our team at SUSU. Since then, our team has been out consulting with various different companies and looking at possible space for us to put them in the Union. We are now seriously looking into it, although cannot confirm anything at this point but we hope to come back to you with further information soon.

Kind regards,

Emily Harrison,

Vice President Student Communties, 2018-19.

Monday 15th Apr 2019 3:02pm

Hi there!


This is a very good question! I have booked in a meeting with our Union Services team to discuss whether this could become something we offer.

I will come back to you when I have an update!


Many thanks,


Wednesday 25th Jul 2018 4:34pm


  • Forwarded to Student Communities
    Friday 20th Jul 2018 2:03pm


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  • I’m sorry, I know this was ages ago but I just have to raise an issue with bubble tea. I’m all for people having it, but please don’t sell it in plastic/takeaway cups! The ‘bubbles’ don’t dissolve easily and as a result they either clog up the drains or, if they’re thrown in the bin, they inevitably wind up in the wrong type of bin (i.e. they can’t go in recycling with the bubbles, but can’t go in food waste with the cup) and it’s a kerfuffle all around for the cleaners. If it’s just in glasswear the Bridge, great! Thanks :)

    Submitted on Saturday 8th September 2018 06:24 by Paige Williams
  • The Union used to do bubble tea. However in 2014 is was dropped and replaced with the Bar 3 diner...which is no more..

    Submitted on Saturday 21st July 2018 22:34 by Max Hayman