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Teach the Sabbs to be Inclusive - PGs are not on 'Vacations'

I am not going to name the sabbs but many of them have been posting on their official account about the 'vacation period' or 'vacations'. May i remind you that PG students are here and it is NOT vacations for us. 

Therefore, with every such post you alienate the PG audience. If you do some research about how to write inclusive posts, I am sure someone will point that out to you. 

Submitted on Friday 17th August 2018



Thank you for raising such an important point. I have reminded the sabbs that even though the University are techincally in their "vacation period", not all of our students are and we should refer to it instead as the summer period. I think it's important to highlight that we do have to reduce hours/offers from the Union during this time so we can get complacent at times when we have less students on campus, but thats not an excuse more just a thought. Sabbs do their job best by being inclusive of all students and I can assure you we always do but we need our mistakes pointed out from time to time! So thank you.

Emily, Union President 

Tuesday 4th Sep 2018 4:59pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 24th Aug 2018 1:41pm


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