Advice Centre Blog – 22/05/2024

Adam Palmer – Advice Centre Co-ordinator

Moving Out Must Dos

Before you leave your property and head off on your next adventure there are a few things to do before you go. Here are 5 tips we think you need to make sure you are set up for the year ahead!

1.      Cancel Bills – If your bills are not included in the contract make sure to contact your utility and broadband providers and inform them you are leaving. Take a final meter reading with a picture if you can for your records too. You should also leave a forwarding address for any final bills, that way if you can be refunded any overpayments or you can make any final payments required.

2.     Create Moving Out Inventory – It is a good idea to record with pictures how you have left everything in the property as you are moving out. This can be important if you need to dispute any damage the landlord believes to be caused by you. Remember to take photos of the easy to miss places like the inside of the oven, under the mattress, behind the sofa etc. The agents and landlords will be looking here so protect yourself and make sure you have photos.

3.     Rubbish Removal & Cleaning – Remove all rubbish including anything you no longer want and take it with you when you leave the property. Make sure to check the garden, most contracts will require you to maintain the garden, this could include cutting grass, removing weeds etc. Make sure to again take any photos of having done this and record it. It’s also easy to forget fridges and freezers but make sure to remove any food from these and clean them out before leaving, once again taking pictures of your work.

4.    Lead Tenants & Deposits – The contract may state you have a lead tenant who will receive all the deposit when you leave, make sure to stay in contact with your housemates so that this can be easily split between you. You can also read our How to get your Deposit back guide for more information on this.

5.    Redirecting Post/Changing Address – Finally you will need to contact anyone who might have your address, letting them know you are leaving the property and where you will next be. You can also leave a forwarding address with the landlord so if anything does come to the house it can be sent on to you.

It is important you check your contract before leaving the property, whilst this list should cover most situations, there could be other things listed in your contract that you have agreed to do before you leave. If you have any questions, are unsure about anything in your contract or just want some general housing advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Advice Centre for further support: advice@susu.org.

You can also find more information about housing support here.

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