The Russell Group Students’ Union’s Manifesto

Hi everyone!

As SUSU President, I’ve been working alongside Rebecca (VP Education and Democracy) and student leaders from other Russell Group Students’ Unions to create something truly special: the Russell Group Students’ Union’s (RGSU) manifesto. This document represents a year of teamwork and hard work, with a common goal of making university life better for every student. We officially launched the manifesto on May 16th, 2024, at Parliament, and I’ve written this blog to explain all about it!

Creating this manifesto was a huge team effort. Over the past few months, sabbatical officers from all 24 Russell Group universities worked together, sharing ideas and experiences to develop a document that truly reflects what students need. It was incredible to see so many passionate student leaders come together, united by a common goal: to improve our student experience. This manifesto represents the collective voice of students from 24 universities, including our own, advocating for over 700,000 students across the UK.

What’s in the Manifesto?

Our manifesto is packed with important asks, that we believe will make a real difference. Here’s a quick overview of the four main points:

  1. ⬆️ Ensure the Rising Cost of Being a Student is Not a Barrier to Participation

Let’s face it, being a student can be expensive. We’re calling for increased maintenance support to match the real cost of living, fairer loan repayment terms, and more funding for students in medicine and dentistry. No one should have to worry about financial barriers holding them back from getting the education they deserve.

  1. ❤️ Create a Student Living Environment that Supports Effective Learning

Affordable, high-quality housing is a must for effective learning. We’re pushing for better access to decent housing and the introduction of winter fuel payments to help with heating costs during those chilly months. A comfortable living environment is key to academic success and overall well-being.

  1. 💪 Strengthen the Reputation of UK Higher Education Globally

The UK is known for its world-class education, and we want to keep it that way. We’re advocating for continued excellence in teaching and research, better support for international students through fair visa policies, and promoting UK research on a global scale. Let’s make sure our universities stay top-notch and internationally respected.

  1. 💰 Invest in the Future of UK Higher Education

We need sustainable funding for our universities and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. More public investment in higher education will ensure that our universities can continue to provide top-quality education and research. Plus, committing to green initiatives will help create a better future for everyone.

Moving Forward Together

The launch of the RGSU manifesto is just the beginning. We’re dedicated to continuing our advocacy and lobbying the government to turn these asks into a reality. But we can’t do it alone—we need your support and engagement to keep the momentum going. Whether it’s attending events, participating in discussions, or simply staying informed, every bit helps.

A huge thank you goes out to all the sabbatical officers and student leaders who poured their time and energy into this project. Your passion and dedication are what make our student community so strong.

Let’s keep pushing for the changes we want to see. Together, we can create a brighter, more equitable future for all students.

Read the full manifesto here!

Union President

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