Peter Forbes

Performing Arts Officer

Key Points

  • More rehearsal space for Performing Arts
  • More advertising space for concerts, shows and events
  • More funding for Tours and Competitions
  • Create a PA Inter-Society Equipment Sharing Scheme
  • Bring back the Performing Arts Inter-Society Quiz

Why vote for me?

Hi I’m Pete a 3rd Year Trombone player and I want to be your next Performing Arts Officer. I want to take PA from strength to strength, secure more funding and help societies so they can perform to their best. Previous experience as Treasurer of the Jazz Orchestra and Social Secretary of the Brass Band as well as playing for multiple orchestras and theatrical productions. I promise to work with the union to: Make more rehearsal spaces available to Performing Arts, ideally 1 extra each for...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

Although rehearsal space is an issue of contention among many PA societies, it simply cannot be pulled out of thin air. What actual plan do you have to provide increased rehearsal space whilst not being detrimental to the 250+ other clubs and societies within the union?

Lobby the union to talk to the university to open more spaces and rooms on campus for rehearsals, as most performing arts societies meet outside normal university working hours, more teaching rooms could be used for rehearsal spaces. This in addition to taking full advantage of current facilities by re-assessing block room bookings at the start of each term when societies have an accurate list of active members so the size of rooms needed for activities better matches the actual size needed as we know member numbers can change massively between the summer when rooms are booked and later in the year. Finally lobby the union to take over the old John-Hansard gallery building next to University Health and turn it into a dedicated performing arts space with rooms for music, dance, theatre and tech. This will in turn free up the current multi purpose rooms for other societies bringing benefits to everyone in the union

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How do you plan to increase society funding whilst simultaneously decreasing SUSU income by decreasing the price of digital billboard ads?

Whilst digital billboard ads do contribute to the budget of the union, it is tiny compared to other income sources like the grant from the University and revenue from retail outlets. For the additional funding it would ideally come from an increase in the clubs and societies grant with a ring fenced protected area of the budget just for performing arts societies. This increase would come from the union not perusing expensive projects with limited impact (like the unnecessary £25,000 union re brand in 2016) and a small reduction in the grants awarded to sports societies which would have a massive impact on Performing Arts and give a positive benefit to more students

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Peter has not spent any of their budget yet