Deepika Anbu

Medical Society President

Key Points

  • Introduce MedSoc Members Motions to facilitate clear communication with students
  • Increase variety of MedSoc events, including non-drinking events
  • Termly Post-grad event + BM6 Meet and Greet
  • Increase number of academic resources/talks by MedSoc
  • Create a uniform method to relay course rep feedback

Why vote for me?

I’m Deepika and I want to be your MedSoc President! Since starting uni I’ve been a first year rep, a member of the charities sub-committee and MedSoc Secretary for 2 years! I’m a keen Gopher and get involved with all our sports events. This year I was in Medics Revue and will also be in MedSoc Monty. I’m a WAMSoc core committee member, whilst being a Near Peer Teacher and helping organise the National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition. My experience has given me insight...(click here to read more...)


Deepika has not spent any of their budget yet