Molly Blumsom

SUSUtv Station Manager

Key Points

  • Monthly creative labs where members can present their project ideas.
  • Weekly drop-in training sessions.
  • Continuing collaborations with other societies for new and exciting projects.
  • Purposefully promoting ideas of employment in the creative industries.
  • Keeping SUSUtv as a welcoming, rewarding and inclusive society.

Why vote for me?

For the last two years I’ve lived and breathed SUSUtv; it’s been a huge part of my university life and I would love the opportunity to lead the station next year. As Station Manager, I will hold monthly creative labs for all members where they can put forward their own ideas for projects. This will allow for new collaborations between members with different skill sets to bring new, innovative content as well as good friends too. I will also introduce weekly drop-in training sessions to...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

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  • 23 x Printer Credit receipt for printing posters and handouts - £5.12