Thomas Usher

Candidate for SUSUtv Station Manager

  • ‘How to setup a set’ workshops.
  • Encourage professional work experience with SUSUtv paid jobs.
  • Meetups with Winchester School of Art to promote creative collaboration.
  • Drop In sessions and workshops for students to discuss ideas and harness writing skills.
  • Subtitles/Translating our videos to appeal to a wider audience.

Why vote for me?

Over the last two years, SUSUtv has been the main contribution to my university experience; As Station Manager, I would love to be able to lead the station and give students the same amazing experience I had. I want to provide students with the knowledge of how to set up a standard film set for their content creation. This will allow our members to have the understanding to let their creativity run free and produce any variety of content they wish to make. I want to continue the friendly face and accessible attitude that our last committee created and maintain the drop-in sessions available to our members. These workshops allow our members to develop their ideas and develop their pitching skills to take into their future careers. Collaboration and accessibility will be at the forefront of the projects I want to create as Station Manager. I want to continue our series, Our Societies, to show off our University’s societies to new students will be a key part of content creation. Furthermore, I want to branch out towards the Winchester School of Art to work alongside students who work more focused in the creative industries and collaborate to make new content for the station. Finally, to further reach out to our audience I aim to subtitle/translate every video we produce to make our content accessible to all and continue making SUSUtv the award-winning station it is.


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What does SUSU mean to you? If you were to define its values in 5 words, what would they be?

SUSU has been where I've found myself at University so all in all it means a huge amount to me! Okay 5 words: - Inspiring - Friendly - Devoted - Committed - Thought-Provoking (it's hyphenated so it's allowed!)

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Do you like one direction and why

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