Alexander Beyene

Candidate for Vice President Education and Democracy

  • Unity in diversity
  • Friendship
  • Student engagement
  • Sustainablity
  • University life Experience

Why vote for me?

I am standing as a candidate to represent your intrests in to the university and strenghten student representation. We find ourselves in unchartered territories due to the impact created by the COVID-19. The pandemic has created study and life disruptions which has affected most of the student body and the teaching staff. The university will be working to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic and for this reason more than any previous years your intrests also need to be protected and the voices of students from undergraduate to postgraduate level need to be heard by the university. I am confident I will be able to represent the student body effectively by the university management so that whatever decisions are made need to put the students at its main focus. 

The student body as the main customers of the university deserve the services that we as students expect when we joined Southampton. I will be working together with the other sabatical officers and student representatives to strengthen the voice of SUSU in all decisions that the university will take that directly or indirectly impact the quality of education, method of teaching and support provided.

Moreover, I will build on what my predessesor accomplished and increase student engagement in the union. So, I ask you to vote for me so that your voice is heard, student union engagement increase, unity in diversity and build lasting friendship with different that you will cherish for life after leaving the university. 

Why vote for me?

I have been a course representative to my peers from first year till my masters study in this year which has given me more experince in representing my peers voices in staf-student liaison commitee meetings. Additionally, in the past year I was a SUSU senator and got more exposure how decisions of sabatical officers shape the direction of SUSU and its impact in its operation and direction. 

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

What will you do to protect disabled student's ability to access their education while the pandemic continues and beyond?

Students with disability require special considerations and in some cases only distance or online support is not enough. Therefore, I will work closely with the Disability officers to coordinate and liaise the university to organize additional personalized support staff to those who require in person support. This will help students with disability to complete their studies successfully. Nevertheless, it must be understood that all the added personal protection materials are provided for both the student and the support provider to protect them from exposure to Covid-19. My spouse is a carer in a care home, and from her experience I have come to appreciate the effort they have done to keep the assisted elderly residents needs are provided without endangering them and the carers. Therefore, I believe it is possible to provide a support that dignifies disabled students to succeed by providing them right close and distance support.

This question was also asked to Avila Chidume, Dipam Sengupta, Isaac Makponga, Amina Lechkhab, Grace Lampkin, Kendall Field-Pellow, Katie Ludvigsen, Ijeoma OpokoAnswered by Alexander on 14/07/20 23:36


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