Ella Foxhall

Candidate for Vice President Activities

  • Promote safe return to in-person activities
  • Consistent promotion of societies throughout the year
  • Set up an Events Fund
  • Improve the Fresher experience for all students
  • Give performing arts societies more opportunities to perform

Why vote for me?


I’m Ella I am a third-year music student, and I would love to be elected as your next VP Activities.

Over the last year I have served as your RAG President, where I have gained a wealth of knowledge on how societies and their committees operate and what they need from SUSU, and its sabbatical officers. In addition, I have acquired great organisational experience from events such as Morale Week and Fight Night.

I want to see the safe return of face-to-face activities: SUSU has a vital role in facilitating this. However, this service can, and should, be improved: I want to make the Risk Assessment process more user friendly by providing a step-by-step guide, a library of examples, and tips on how to get them approved.  

If elected, I want to help societies with promotion, such as graphics advice, post scheduling, and maximising reach. I want to build on the fantastic work that Corin has done this past year - continuing to improve in-house society advertising, making use of social media spotlights, digital screens and accentuating the start of Semester 2 as a valuable time to recruit new members.

I know that societies can feel they have been left behind in funding rounds compared to sports clubs. I would make the process more transparent and offer meetings with committee members to discuss outcomes.

Furthermore, I would like to set up an “Events Fund” for those societies wishing to host large scale events but lack the budget. Large events not only benefit the student community, but also can improve the union’s image.

Freshers Week is a staple in university culture. Following last years, I want to give everyone the Freshers week they deserve. I want to encourage non-drinking events, to create a safe space for all first-year students to make friends.

Bunfight is a vital, but hectic, part of the initial university experience, and potentially be the first contact many will have with SUSU. Often, people miss societies in the chaos. Bunfight should be spread over several days with a different category of society highlighted each day. Increasing organisation will mean the first impression of the Union will be much more positive.

Southampton University has an incredible performing arts community. As VP Activities, I can improve the opportunities for these societies, and individuals - to publicly showcase their work by helping to promote and finding appropriate venues.

A key goal for the new academic year is to encourage every student to be active within the wider union community. This can be done through increased activity at all University sites by working with the faculty, campus and halls officers.

Working with the VP Welfare and Community, I want to expand existing “Buddy” schemes, where older students volunteer to mentor others, so that all first-year students may partake.

As your VP Activities I know I will bring empathy, experience, and most importantly, fun, to the next academic year.

Please vote me as your number one this election.

Thank you!


Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

What are your 3 core values?

My three core values are reliability, respect, and honesty. Being reliable is a core value for a VP Activities. I will be there for societies as and when they need me to build trusting relationships with committees. I believe going above and beyond the given role is a) a part of my personality, and b) what the VP Activities should be willing to do. Respecting everyones opinions, backgrounds, and propositions is something that I value very highly. I am not a confrontational person and I believe that all opinions are valid and should be listened to. Again, I think that this is key to building strong relationships with students, as the role is at it's core about listening to students and reporting their queries to SUSU. Honesty about mistakes and how to deal with them I think is a very important quality for any Sabbatical Officer. Making mistakes is a part of being human, I have made many in my time, but it's how I've recovered and managed them that is what I think will make me a great VP Activities.

This question was also asked to Gitanjali SrinivasanAnswered by Ella on 20/02/21 15:51

Other than rag what societies have you committed yourself to?

Honestly, I am not on any other committees with RAG being my all consuming job, but because RAG works with many societies I have been apart of what they do and how they function. For example when collaborating with other societies to run fundraisers and events I have got to know what the different roles in their societies do. Furthermore, I did dabble in other societies in my first year, but found my calling with RAG which then became my life as President and I couldn't be happier!

This question was also only asked to EllaAnswered by Ella on 20/02/21 15:59

What is your philosophy around our clubs and societies? Do you see yourself as more of a leader, a facilitator or something else entirely?

This is such an interesting question! I would be a facilitator, as being a leader seems to imply a level of interference and control over societies, which I don't think is right for an elected leader. Instead, I believe societies should have the freedom to do what they like and I am there to make it happen. I will be there as a guide for societies to accomplish whatever they want within the guidelines that the government may have at the time. I will provide the right contacts and facilities to accomplish what they want and perhaps suggest ideas if they're wanted.

This question was also asked to Gitanjali SrinivasanAnswered by Ella on 20/02/21 16:08

What ideas do you have to help our clubs and societies to recover from coronavirus?

To answer this question I have to be optimistic and hopeful for a return for some sort of normality in September. However, I have to be honest and say I doubt we will be totally normal by then and the safest bet is to prepare for some restrictions. As a result, I think running sessions on how to run in-person events with a library of examples and step-by-step guides on how to do so. Furthermore, I know that societies at the minute may be struggling for new committee members for the coming year. This means that working with individual societies to make sure that the work is divided fairly in a possible smaller committee. In terms of recovery I want to make sure that societies achieve what they couldn't this year and make it my mission to facilitate them to do so. However, I want to stress that whatever happens in September I will follow the government guidelines, but will aim to allow as many in-person activities as possible!!

This question was also asked to Gitanjali SrinivasanAnswered by Ella on 21/02/21 14:45

Do you believe you did a good job as rag president? Have you effectively communicated with other societies or just co exsisted?

I hope I have, I am still only half way through the role with some of our biggest events left! However, I think I have done a good job with adapting our events to the ever changing government guidelines. We have done quite a few collaborations with other societies, such as SKIP, Comedy Society, BakeSoc, and much more! Not to mention the upcoming collaborations with SUABC for Fight Night! Holding regular meetings and making sure everyone's updated with what's going on is key for working together, and so far we have been successful with our fund-raising efforts! So far we have raised so much more than we did at this point last year, who's previous committee wouldn't have had COVID as an issue, from this I am proud of what my team and I have accomplished.

This question was also only asked to EllaAnswered by Ella on 22/02/21 15:08

How will you ensure societies such as NDSoc and LGBT+ Soc, which support groups who are discriminated against, support their members and fight for them when required?

I will not tolerate and discrimination towards any group of people, and will speak up if I feel somethings getting our of hand. I will encourage societies to have a strong support network, and have someone to talk to. Anyone who feels victimised by discrimination will have a friend in me, and I will help them receive the right support they deserve.

This question was also only asked to EllaAnswered by Ella on 23/02/21 16:31


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