Summer Elections 2022

Now more than ever, your vote can make a change! Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's Summer Elections. You can take a look at everyone who was elected into a role below.

Read the rules about Summer Elections here: Summer Elections Rules 2022.

The Candidates

Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Research Officer

Athletic Union Officer

Marina Stasi


Avenue Officer

Chemistry School President

Disabilities Officer

Education School President

Electronics and Computer Science School President

Environment and Life Sciences Postgraduate Research Officer

Jacob Hudson


Geography and Environmental Science School President

Health Sciences School President

International Officer

Joint Honours Officer

LGBTQ+ Officer

Law School President

Medicine Postgraduate Research Officer

Ocean & Earth Sciences School President

Physics and Astronomy School President

Fiona Ball


Psychology School President

Student Trustee

Sustainability Officer

Fraser Adams


Wellbeing Officer

Women Officer