Corin Holloway

Candidate for Union President

  • Ensure a safe return to in person lectures and activities
  • Push the University to follow through on their sustainability strategy
  • Give better support towards equality, diversity and inclusivity
  • Fix/improve the SUSU website
  • Bring fairness to students who've missed out due to Covid

Why vote for me?

About me:

I’m Corin, 23, currently SUSU Vice President Activities. I’m studying MENG electronic engineering and heading into 4th year at Southampton (after finishing my sabb role). I want to do everything and make everyone happy, so I’ve spent most of my time at Uni joining/running societies, volunteering and trying to make the world better.

To fit to 500 word limit, I’ve left bullet points, but gone into more detail about each one in this full manifesto.

As President, I intend to:

  • Ensure a safe return to in person lectures and activities
  • Push the University on their sustainability strategy to make it as strong as possible.
  • Talk to students to hear their voices using multiple platforms for formal/informal feedback.
  • Give better support equality, diversity and inclusion within SUSU and the University
  • Get students more involved in videos, events and anything else SUSU puts out to students.
  • Support students who’ve missed out due to the pandemic and campaign for fair value for university and accommodation fees. 
  • Improve our website and switch to an external software provider with more features and easier to work with for staff and committees. 


Why vote for me:

  • I have a year of experience working as a sabbatical officer, so I’ve seen how things work. Based on this, I believe everything in my manifesto to be achievable
  • Since I first became a student, I’ve been involved in SUSU and student politics
    • Clubs and Societies Officer 2018-19
    • Held committee positions on 9 different societies 
    • Heavily involved in the Green New Deal campaign, which led to the creation of the sustainability strategy
    • Senator 2019-20
    • Made changes through You Make Change including volunteer discount cards and getting a bike pump behind reception
  • I have ADHD and Autism, so have experience of what it’s like as a disabled student getting support and working with the disabled community to bring about positive change.

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

What is your ideal university day?

Monday in first year. 10-1 electronics lab where I get to do cool coding/experiments 1-2 a packet of bourbons for lunch 2-3 a class in avenue campus in the room with a piano, which I used to play before it got locked up 3-6 hang out in Zepler doing coursework and writing the weekly email for Conservation Volunteers 6-7:15 A lecture with ECSS in Mountbatten from a company talking about how to make websites accessible for as many people as possible with free pizza 7:15-8:30 Run to Folk Society still eating my piece of pizza to play tunes and sing songs together in 02/3041 8:30-10 Circus in The Cube 10 visit shops along burgess road for ~80% discounted items

This question was also asked to Joanne Lisney, Benjamin Dolbear, Akshita Karia, Kendall Field-PellowAnswered by Corin on 19/02/21 00:03

I believe the platform you ran on for VP activities also mentioned improving the union website. What do you plan to achieve as union president that you were not able to as VP activities? Can you also explain what you mean by moving to an external software provider? Have you already looked at alternatives? Will these result in additional costs?

My manifesto point to upgrade the website is a somewhat cheeky, because we're already seriously looking into upgrading the website by switching to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. Other SUs use ones like Students' Union Management Software (SUMS) and Membership Solutions Limited (MSL) and I'm currently working to make sure that for any CRM we take on, it works well for students, club/society committees and everyone who has to use it. Hopefully, even if I don't win, this will still happen, but as an electronics student, I'm keen to make sure it happens as the website is one of the main ways students interact with SUSU, especially this year. They're not cheap, but will have a significant positive impact and I believe it will also free up a lot of staff time to work on important projects instead of dealing with website issues such as having difficulty nominating or voting in elections.

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 18/02/21 22:41

Hi Corin, you successfully ran last year and listed 19 promises in your manifesto. To what extent did you accomplish those promises, and for those that you didn't, why would the promises made this year be any different? Source:

Points with * on them were ones I'd pre-identified as difficult and I wasn't sure whether or not they'd be possible. Because of covid, my plans completely changed to "Support societies to do as much as possible (and safe) in these unprecedented times Give societies freedom and not interfere unnecessarily. No - Due to covid, SUSU has done the opposite of this and made sure societies were stricter on what was allowed. However, we did manage to work with the rules and allow a significant level of in-person activity when it was possible without significant transmission. Extend SUSU volunteer cards to active members of charity/volunteering societies. Somewhat - I realised I could influence this while waiting for things to happen, so submitted a you-make-change to extend them to people who provided evidence of volunteering by submitted strive badges. However, this year with covid closing our outlets, they can't be used right now, but I'm working on making them usable on specific ranges in The Shop. Try to recognise non-SUSU volunteers better and help them promote themselves. Somewhat - I've shared opportunities and encouraged students to join in with things such as being a volunteer vaccinator and joining mutual aid groups. Provide fair funding and guidance on how to apply for funding. Yes - I believe I did this, but it's difficult to be self critical on matters such as "was I fair?" Talk to and attend events from societies to try and understand as many people’s issues as possible. Yes Provide accessibility support to societies. somewhat - This was done by reviewing the WIDE Training and we're reviewing it again for next yeah to make it as useful as possible for committees Get rid of the 50p box office fee for joining societies.* no -SUSU's financial situation was difficult and uncertain at the start of term and staff weren't keen to lose more money. (booking fees cost SUSU ~50p) Reply to emails, facebook messages, crushampton comments… yes End climate change.* Somewhat - I'm still working on it Advertise society events and try to help societies get more members. Yes - We did a lot of promotion of society events over summer and have been working on it over the year Nuffield Theatre is being refurbished from April, so try to keep society spaces and performance spaces available for use by students.* Somewhat - Working with the University Arts Team to make sure this happens, but it will likely take multiple years as large-scale University projects don't happen quickly. EG: B100 Protect the Highfield and NOCS ducks. Yes - They are safe Ideally find more society storage space, but not sure how feasible this is.* No - Much development work is on pause this year Hold open mic nights around freshers’ period for people to show off talent. No - Covid Open the Bouldrewood Tunnel to transport people safely between Highfield and Boldrewood. (more info here: )* No - University deny its existence Make it easier for people to stay as SUSU members and take part in societies after they’ve graduated.* Somewhat - At senate today, a rule change was approved to allow recent graduates to hold affiliate committee positions for the next academic year to mitigate impacts of covid on committees. The website is already somewhat better and it's now less tedious to get alumni membership to SUSU and societies although a lot of this was due to our COO's work on the website, so I can't take much credit. Invest in the SUSU website and possibly try to get current ECS students involved, because it’s one of the main ways people interact with SUSU. Although I’m aware that there are many problems and I’m not sure how feasible this is.* Somewhat - I've answered this better in another question. Add a volunteering section to the website to make opportunities easier to find. Yes - Try to remove bureaucracy from processes to make them quicker.* Somewhat - A lot of this is enshrined in SUSU laws and processes, but worked on guidance and reviewed some processes to make things as easy as I was capable of

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 18/02/21 23:11

Would you fight to include deadnaming as a break of university regulations?


This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 18/02/21 23:11

What improvements would you look to make to the SUSU website, specifically?

Make it easier for staff, especially our marketing/communications team, to make changes to the website to promote important events or updates, so people know what's going on and can join in with things. This is particularly key around freshers' week when hundreds of things are happening and thousands of students are going through the website to try to find information, support and societies. Make it easier for committees to do things like add events and send emails. EG: just email new members, PhDs... obviously with data security, so they wouldn't be able to see all this information about their members. Make it easier to find club/societies Make it easier to nominate in elections

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 18/02/21 23:22

What are your 3 core values?

Make people happy - Try to make as many people as happy as possible. This is an important reason why climate change is a very high priority for me, but also locally within the University, try to do as much as I can to make people happy (obviously trying to avoid a pandemic outbreak) Be honest - I hate lying and will be as honest as I can be and keep students in the loop about what's going on within the union and university. Do everything I can - Similar to make people happy, I feel guilty whenever I'm not doing something to help other people. The reason I ran for VP Activities and now President is because I believe I can be effective in these positions and make positive change.

This question was also asked to Joanne Lisney, Benjamin Dolbear, Akshita Karia, Kendall Field-PellowAnswered by Corin on 21/02/21 22:00

Is this just a 9 to 5 job for you? If not, why not?

I don't think any candidate would answer this question with "yes". Currently, I tend to spend more time than 9-5 as VP Activities trying to help societies, because I can see that it does make a difference when I can help a society fix a problem they're having, help a student make friends or just joining in with club/society activities, which to me isn't work, but it's useful getting to talk with students and learn what they're worried about. I enjoy making people happy and being a sabbatical officer is similar to what I would do voluntarily as a student (society committees, senator, campaigning...), so I love this job and the reason I ran for president is because I want to keep making a difference and helping people.

This question was also asked to Joanne Lisney, Benjamin Dolbear, Akshita Karia, Kendall Field-PellowAnswered by Corin on 21/02/21 16:16

Would you describe yourself as a pragmatist or an idealist, and why do you think this makes you a good candidate for President?

I believe I'm both. My goals are effectively to do as much as I can to make people as happy and healthy as possible by tackling all the issues which face us such as climate change, equality, Covid... I would be very happy to non-stop shout at the University management and the government to get them to refund student fees, pay lecturers fairly, commit to including ALL their emissions in their net zero and give all students uncapped resits and the chance to repeat the year for free uncapped if they've been affected by Covid. However, SUSU currently has a relatively good relationship with the University. We're invited to many of their high level decision making meetings, they give us confidential information on future plans and they regularly ask our opinions on matters. In my experience, the University wants to help, but is less keen when the help costs them significant amounts of money. I'd like to get refunds on student fees and will lobby to get this to happen, but it's unlikely to be successful from lobbying alone. I believe that the best chances of getting refunds are to target the government to get them to act and to pursue and support individual legal cases from students.

This question was also asked to Joanne Lisney, Benjamin Dolbear, Akshita Karia, Kendall Field-PellowAnswered by Corin on 21/02/21 21:57

How high would you say the environment is in your list of priorities? Please be specific.

Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss is my biggest priority. The evidence seems to suggest it will be much worse than covid and we have a very short time to act on it seriously. I've been doing everything I can to help with sustainability and very keen to do everything I can to avoid climate breakdown. I've been president of Conservation Volunteers and BioCycle and held committee positions on campus collective, beekeeping society, Transition Southampton, extinction rebellion (Southampton and UoS) as well as getting involved with Greenpeace, science outreach, many litter picks and festival volunteering. I was very involved in the Green New Deal (GBD) Campaign which led to the Sustainability Strategy, which the University committed to and want to push them to make this strategy as strong as possible. GND petition as evidence:

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 24/02/21 23:39

As a conservative student, I feel as frustrated and as though my political leaning alone, despite being very moderate, may still cause anger. Will you be an apolitical president who will represent students outside of party politics? And will you ensure freedom of speech and diversity of thought is held?

As someone who used to be conservative, I'm aware that the majority of people have good intentions on both the left and the right, so will oppose the vilification of student on either side and support free speech where it doesn't harm others. I don't intend to be party political, however as a student union president, I have to be political to support students as best as I can. This includes supporting minorities and less well off students to help give everyone an equal footing. This also includes campaigning for things like sustainability, equality, diversity, inclusivity, divestments from harmful companies and decolonising the curriculum.

This question was also asked to Joanne Lisney, Benjamin Dolbear, Akshita Karia, Kendall Field-PellowAnswered by Corin on 03/03/21 23:44

Hi Corin, you made the claim that other candidates “Don’t care” about students in a Discord sever with almost 2,000 students in. How do you justify this claim? And do you feel it’s fair for a candidate to negatively comment about their opponents in this way?

This was a meme without any serious meaning behind it. I do not claim or believe that other candidates don't care about students. You can see the meme here for context

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 03/03/21 01:17

Would you encourage the University to cut ties with the People's Republic of China (in particular the Confucius Institute) due to the horrendous actions taken by the Chinese Communist Party?

As part of their sustainability strategy, the University has committed to a sustainable and ethical investment policy and as part of this I plan to push for them to cut ties with fossil fuel and arms companies in such a way that doesn't harm students. The CCP does horrific things, but I'm not an expert on the Confucious institute yet. I will look into opposing that too after discussing it with Chinese students who would likely be affected by such a stance

This question was also asked to Joanne Lisney, Benjamin Dolbear, Akshita Karia, Kendall Field-PellowAnswered by Corin on 03/03/21 13:47

In a sabb role you are a public elected figure, which means you are fair game for people's judgement, crticism and parody whether you feel it is fair or not. How would you respond to this if elected in a way that helps you perform well in the role?

If the criticism was from a space of genuine concern/worry, I would respond honestly and factually and try to fix the issue with myself or SUSU if possible. If it was just rude, I'd probably just laugh or ignore it unless particularly rude/harmful in which case I might report it.

This question was also asked to Joanne Lisney, Benjamin Dolbear, Akshita Karia, Kendall Field-PellowAnswered by Corin on 03/03/21 22:22

I see almost no manifesto points talking about postgraduate students, yet we make up over 1/3 of all student numbers. How will you be an effective representative for your (significant) postgraduate community, especially PGRs, whose needs are typically very different from taught students?

This was a huge oversight on my behalf. There are many things I want to do to focus on PGRs, which I hadn't put into my manifesto. Push for UKRI to extend funding for PGRs affected by Covid, similar to the 6 month extension to final year PGRs. This won't be easy and I can't promise it will happen, but it's important, so I'll work with other SUs to try to get something. I intend to continue talking to postgrads. To run forums and communicate with postgrads through the doctoral college. I ran a forum in December with PGRs, which strengthened VP Welfare's plans for a postgrad network, which will hopefully be able to be set up soon. I hope I can make something like this work as President. Try to make sure events aimed at postgrads are easy to join in with, because I know you're especially busy, so want to make it easy to join in with what SUSU's doing and hold events just for postgrads. Try to also have forums and events aimed specifically at mature students.

This question was also asked to Joanne Lisney, Benjamin Dolbear, Akshita Karia, Kendall Field-PellowAnswered by Corin on 03/03/21 22:18


Corin has not spent any of their budget yet