Mingjie Yu

Candidate for Vice President Student Communities

  • Better Aid for International Students
  • More Patience
  • Friendly
  • Good Teamwork Ability
  • Strengthen Connection of Different Campus

Why vote for me?

“Why should I vote Hilda for VP Student Communities?”

Hi, my name is Yu Mingjie, but you can call me Hilda.

I am currently the Course Representative for the MA Global Media Management course at the WSA, and now I am ready to take on the Sabbatical role of VP Student Communities this summer at SUSU.

As an international student from China, I already have the position and incentive to empathise and engage with the diverse (and potentially underrepresented) student communities at the University of Southampton. In other words, I can lead in this area because I belong to it myself.

My role as Course Representative for GMM over the past year has prepared me for the responsibilities and challenges that are specific to student leadership positions at a British university. I am therefore ready to step up the challenge of becoming a Sabbatical officer and making SUSU one of the best in the UK.

This experience so far has improved my communication and problem-solving skills. As the bridge between my classmates and team leaders, I have the patience and talent to facilitate inter-community discussion. In student communities, supporting student voices and creating social cohesion are the most important elements. This is where my talent lies.

I am also an experienced team player. My employment background includes a period spent working for a large company called AsiaInfo. Active participation and mutual help were the basic elements in that environment.

Many Chinese students have chosen to study at the University of Southampton. It’s a huge number in recent years. From my own experience I know that Chinese students have many questions and problems. When they talk with me, I can bring confidence to them, encourage them and help them to solve their problems.

In general, my Sabbatical plan includes continuing SUSU’s work of better coming to the aid of international students, as well as giving greater voice to Mature students.

So please vote for Hilda (Yu Mingjie) for VP Student Communities at the 2018 Spring Elections!



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