Alicja Bochnacka

Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

Key Points

  • Increase student rep engagement within departments
  • Make sure all students feel well represented
  • Increasing the quality of teaching
  • Ensure feedback is given on time
  • Provide regular updates as to what is happening within departments


My name is Alicja, a second year electronics student and I am running for the role of Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer.

I am the current Welfare Officer for ECSS (Electronics and Computer Science Society) and also an academic representative. These roles have required me to sit on multiple committee meetings and to communicate student issues and requests effectively. I have dealt with both academic and pastoral issues which this role entails, I therefore know how to approach both situations.

We have a limited time here at university and I want all students to have the best possible experience and to do that I would:

Improve communication between academic reps, department and school presidents. Meaning all issues can be resolved quickly and effectively and we can work together to enrich student experience for all.

I have found that many students are unaware as to who is appropriate to contact when they have an issue (be it pastoral or academic). To resolve this I would help to increase the information provided to students and staff across the faculty.

A common problem I often hear from fellow students which I concur with is that some lectures are not engaging enough, particularly where lecturers are simply reading off a slide show. As a faculty officer, I would encourage lecturers to engage more with their classes.

Were I to be elected, you can expect someone who is dedicated, good at communication, hardworking and driven. Someone that will fight for change to happen!