Elizabeth Light

Archaeology Department President

Key Points

  • More fieldwork opportunities beyond first year
  • Increase use of Panopto in lectures
  • Increase outreach to promote the department and boost skills
  • Increase the accessibility of the archaeology department and its activities
  • Ensure student feedback is heard, and acted on quickly

Hi, I’m Beth, and as your current department president, I have seen over the last year how much change Student Representatives can make to the student experience, especially in the Archaeology Department. Serving as your president this year has been a real honour, and I would be honoured to continue this next year.

There are a few key issues within the Department at the moment that I would like to address. I would continue to petition for lecture recordings to be used Department-wide and continue to move for the promotion of fieldwork opportunities throughout the Department and allow students to build up practical knowledge and experience.

In line with promoting student opportunities to boost their experience, I would also like to add to the outreach of the archaeology department. I think the opportunity for the Department to open up and engage with local schools and youth groups (such as Scouts and Girl-Guiding) will allow students the opportunity to partake in archaeology in ways other than fieldwork and academia, and I think the chance to do this will add another vital facet to the degree.  

Overall, I am hard-working, conscientious and friendly, and have held roles in academic representation since starting Uni – as such I am very familiar with the system. I am passionate about my degree and the Department, and see the role of Academic President as an opportunity to ensure the Department works best for all its students and will fight to ensure this.